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Introducing Glow Spa & Co

The all-natural line of products will help you look and feel best. Our CEO and Founder is 29-year-old Coatlicue, who has been handcrafting these organic hair and skin products in Alaska with recipes passed down from her grandmother for years.

The ingredients in our products have been known to deliver visible results for centuries. From re-growing bald spots and reversing hair thinning to delaying premature graying of the hair, and treating sensitive skin conditions, we allow nature to gently heal our hair, body, and soul.


So why wait? Try Glow Spa & Co remedies today!


Glow Spa & Co’s products are founded on powerful ancient treatments that have been passed down through generations in the family of our CEO and Founder, Coatlicue. From natural hair treatment products to hair strength treatments, we have something unique for everyone! Handcrafted locally in Ketchikan, Alaska, our natural hair and skin care products are designed to nourish and heal your hair, body, and soul.

We believe that nature has the power to cure all things, and our goal is to allow you to experience that power firsthand. With our good products for natural hair, you can enjoy the benefits of all-organic hair and skin pampering while feeling radiant!