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Looking for a natural and healthy way to take care of your hair and skin? Look no further than Glow Spa’s all-natural hair care and skin care products. We mostly handcraft basic hair care products using only the finest plant-based ingredients, so you can be confident that your hair and skin are in the best hands.

Our products are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin conditions or who is looking for all-natural hair and skin products to include in their regular beauty routine.


Products Handmade for You!

When you walk through the doors of Glow Spa & Co, it’s all about letting nature take its course. We believe that by giving our clients time to rest, care and treat their hair and skin using our natural hair and skin products, they will be more confident and receptive to the opportunities in life.


So come treat yourself to our natural and handmade products and be more confidently beautiful with us.

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Extreme Hair Growth Oil | Glow Spa & Co

Our Best Seller

The #1 Extreme Hair Growth Oil is one of our top selling fast hair growth products, used by men and women worldwide. The principle use of this oil is to help grow hair faster

  • Vegan, Handcrafted

  • Reduce hair thinning, foster thicker hair growth

  • Naturally block DHT

  • Repair dry, brittle hair

  • Strengthen hair shaft

  • Reduce premature hair graying

  • Reverse postpartum alopecia

  • Treat sensitive scalp conditions

  • Reduce hair shedding

  • Treat dry, itchy scalp

  • Stimulate rapid and healthy hair growth


This is by far the best botanical oil for hair growth on the market, as stated by our clients. Try it now!


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